Ducana Windows And Doors - DUCANA windows & doors aka SWG&G TELL LIES!!!

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DUCANA WINDOWS & DOORS Tilbury Ontario Canada Defunct

>NOW KNOWN AS SOUTHWEST GRANITE & GLASS as of Jan5/2012 (A shady Brad Goldsmith Enterprise)


Brad Goldsmith is a HUCKSTER and should stay in the snakeoil-business. This guy was moonlighting at Ducana Chatham as their IT-guru whilst travelling to Ducana customers as an estimator/salesman. While being invited into the client's home to pitch the sale & take measurements he also glad-handedly took peoples deposits and failed to place the actual order(s) thus leaving customers in the lurch waiting up to 8mos for 2 standard in-stock doors. I had to haggle in person with Tilbury's Head Office CFO for my money back. Meanwhile that snake Goldsmith was hiding in his Mother's basement devising this plan to takeover Ducana. Brad Goldsmith you are a poor excuse for a human being & know nothing about Integrity. Go polish your $22.00 watch collection with your Mommy's dishrag you putz.

Your scam laden plan for SW G & G will find you out soon enough.


Review about: Ducana Doors.



go back to sarnia you were the first salesman to sell out ducana empoylees with sunrise and telling custermers they were built and installed by ducana did you still use the same sub contractors or have you ripped them off


Hey Goldsmith,

Just when am I to receive the $100 bucks you promised me prior to Christmas 2011 for endorsing your sketchy South West Granite and Glass website. My son needs a new composite hockey stick for the Burr-Bear Hockey Tournament!Hurry up!!


Are we talking about the same Brad Goldsmith from Chatham Ontario that sidelined as a food and restaurant critic with that tanked Ontario dining guide website a few years back? My understanding is that while on the Ducana payroll he worked feverishly on this fast buck scheme on organizing this restaurant scoring registry. Looks like he did well enough financially from the website proceeds to afford a few freebie dining evenings at Manchu Wok at the Argyle Mall in London Ontario before driving the idea into the ground.

This guy obviously doesn't drink Steamwhistle' Beer.

If he did he would understand that the name of the game is to do one thing really really well.



That's really rich Bradley. Nice to read your entry above and lame attempt at defending your deceptively murky business practices at best. Give it a rest buddy & go pick the remains of that dead carcus called ducana windows and doors. Interesting to know why you spent those wee-early mornings the last 2mos hunkered down behind the computer screen there at the Chatham office. Client Lists, Leads, Supplier Information. All at your very fingertips while you afterall were the go-to-guy there responsible for the former ducana website.Deny deny deny all you want Bradley. A company called *mediateknix* out of Windsor ON confirmed the truth about your IT involvement with the website and such. Oddly enough, your latest money pilfering project called south west granite and glass is using the same *mediateknix* company to help assist you (again) in building/maintaining that website. So go on about this and that you b.s.'ing hamnegger. Also, any body that knows you personally knows for a fact that you & your significant other have bombed around Chatham Kent & surrounding areas in your Honda Element at breakneck speeds looking for the next home-deal to flip & or seek rental properties so cut the bullsh*t there too. Many a day while supposedly on the ducana dime you were out doing your real estate thang' while not being able to field important ducana calls. Anyways, don't know why that poster chose this site to seek you out regarding a supposedly bad home purchase. That's why you get a home inspector? The point of this website & exercise of free speech and opinion is to reveal your deceivingly narcisistic ways of entitlement, power, and inside information regarding ducana's true state of being on the balance sheet due to your position and firsthand knowledge of the sales & marketing files.

You are truly a sociopath if you think you can cover your tracks and get people on board with your southwest granite and glass program.

Knowing that you were privy to the information about the plant's eventual closing and going on now like you're the patroned saint of redemption for all the local outtahluckers with lost ducana deposits is truly atrocious. Tomorrow morning look at yourself in the mirror and start the day by telling the truth. It will truly set you free.

Remember this Bradley, integrity is who and what you are when nobody is looking. Winners make the rules & losers like you who take shortcuts live by them. You will have only yourself to blame when southwest granite and glass implodes in & of it self on your very watch. Bon Voyage Bradley Bon Voyage!!


So i guess i need to waste my time defending myself against this above gibberish.(Untruth #1) Southwest Granite & Glass does not own and is is in no way affiliated with Ducana windows.

(Untruth #2)I never had anything to do with IT.

(untruth #3)I have never flipped a house.

I can only assume that the person who wrote both of the above is indeed one in the same and not willing to identify themselves for fear of litigation.I can also assume the above person has an issue with the timing of a door delivery that was the responsibility of the now closed Ducana windows delivery department.16 years and 3000+ satisfied customers is all the truth you need.

Thanks for your time.


AYKM? Brad Goldsmith the DIY-home flipper from Chatham Ontario Canada is the newest "Window & Door" power-broker in Kent County. That can't be? Say it ain't so-

Brad, you sold us a (flipper) house with a basement full of extension-cords all intertwined(UNSAFE-noncode+)cleverly tucked behind wall-papered panelling posing as safe(code+) electical outlets.Nice.

Good thing we had Auntie Martha from Scotland here @ Christmas, who exposed your shoddy electrical system corner-cutting by frying our basement bathroom electical socket while using her curling iron. Shorted out the Chrismas tree 20ft. away. Problem exposed.

Filed Lawsuit on its way.


Good Luck with your newest scam> www.swgg.ca


Ja das ist eine richtiger schisser das der Brad Goldshmied so ein schlechter mensch ist.

Schlau ist er,...so wie einen fux. Eines Tages wird jemand ihn fangen und ihm einen guten bachpfife geben!!

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